Town Ordinances & Resolutions

Ordinance 2024-1 Utility Work in Town Right of Way
Ordinance 2018-1 Residental Garbage and Recycling Program
Ordinance 2017-4 Plowing Snow Across Town Roads
Ordinance 2017-3 Dog Licensing and Safety
Ordinance 2017-2 Licensing Livestock Facilities
Ordinance 2017-1 No Engine Braking
Ordinance 2013-1 Adopt Comprehensive Plan
Ordinance 2012-3 All-Terrain Vehicle Route
Ordinance 2012-2 Family Dwellings and Building Inspector
Ordinance 2012-1 Extend Town Officer Terms due to Election Law Changes
Ordinance 2010-1 Driveways

Resolution 2023-2 2024 Tax Roll Special Charge for Garbage/Recycling Services
Resolution 2023-1 2024 Tax Levy
Resolution 2022-1 2023 Tax Levy
Resolution 2021-1 Creating Election Wards
Resolution 2018-1 Residental Garbage and Recycling Program
Resolution 2015-1 Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Agreement
Resolution 2013-1 Adoption of Town of Hamburg Comprehensive Plan
Resolution 2011-2 Sign Assessment Method to Maintain Sign Retroreflectivity
Resolution 2011-1 Employee Grievance Procedure
Resolution 2010-2 Public Participation in Comprehensive Plan
Resolution 2010-1 Driveway Ordinance
Building Inspector
Resolution 2008-03 Northwinds Inspection LTD
Resolution 2008-02 Maple Grove Fromm Scholarship
Resolution 2008-01 Conveyance of Real Estate in the Town of Hamburg

If you have specific questions on an ordinance please contact the Town Clerk at 715-536-3638.