Town History

The Town of Hamburg was established February 10, 1876 when it was set apart from the Town of Berlin. Following that time, settlers slowly populated the area. A large percentage of these settlers were German emigrants that came from the German province of Pomerania. White pine forests dominated the landscape as small farms, most less than 60 acres, began to appear throughout Hamburg.

Photo Credit: Misty Vogel

In 1904, the four now famous Fromm brothers began growing ginseng and used their profits to expand into fox farming. By 1929, they were the world’s largest producer of both and their farm was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013. Maple Grove School was also established in 1904 and remains one of the symbols of Hamburg.

Photo Credit: Harry Pfohl

From the generosity of the Fromm/Nieman family emerged the Walter and Mabel Fromm Scholarship which still awards students that attend Maple Grove School and graduate from Merrill High School, a scholarship to any public college in Wisconsin.

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